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205 GTI 1.9
By dobboy, 08/10/2013
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Color Blanc Meije
  • Year 1988
  • Short Description Refreshed

  • Car Type / Usage Road car
  • Engine & Gearbox Xsara VTS engine and box with Quaife ATB Diff
    GrpN gear linkage
    VibraTechnics mounts
    Pipercross rubberneck
    Refurb'd/matched injectors
  • Suspension & Steering Back end dropped a notch on refurb'd beam.
    Group A mounted rear beam
    Eibach -30mm springs
    Bilstein B4's all round (205's to Fr, Xsara VTS to rr)
    GrpN top mounts with new bearings
    309GTI Wishbones
    Xsara VTS 2.6 Rack (non-pas)
  • Brakes Refurb'd GTI180 front calipers on Brembo Max disks.
    Xsara calipers to the rears.
    New brake lines and braided lines.
  • Wheels & Tyres 15" Ouragans on AD08R's for this year's fun and games.

    (Refurb'd speedlines on Toyo T1R's (never again)
  • Bodywork & Exterior Standard/Resprayed
    Bodykit painted
  • Interior & ICE Standard/Refurb'd.
    iPod compatable head unit.
  • Comments & Plans 20/6/15 - Refurb'd/rebuilt head and new HG fitted.

    11/2/15 New engine fitted, 309 wishbones, VTS rack and box fitted at the same time.

    14/08/14 - Enjoy it now all the planned work is done (and the unplanned), and get an odd session at Knockhill in it.

    6/9/13 Probs best skip to the nearest date, near the bottom as this project has grown legs and arms.

    Bought the car in early July T&M'd as a wee project. Non malested, but needing a cuddle. Kept it on the road 2 weeks before setting about it with a tool kit..... hopefully be able to remember where everything goes back on.
    Trying to keep the car as standard as possible, but when OEM parts are not available i replace with performance parts.
    Fortunately i have a few 205 rally car builders local, i'm resourceful, and i'm in and out of engineering works regularly; robbing their stores.

    Things needing doing:
    1. Rear Beam - Now done
    2. Fix crap repair to NSF corner-nearly done.
    3. Fix two holes on head light panels
    4. get two back arches painted/blended
    5. All kit/bumpers/mirrors ready for painting, paint mixed/milked to give a polished plastic look.... i'm not going to be a slave to the back to black
    6. Bilsteing Epaich -30mm to front end
    7. Renew engine mounts
    8. Get a better drivers seat
    9. Get carpet for boot rear arches
    10. Paint parcel shelf
    11. Change door pins
    12. Replace speakers and re-fit the original tape player
    13. Get OE battery bracket
    14. Replace air-intake pipe
    15. Fix a bit of rust in OS back inner sill.
    16. Get my valves done.

    Things done

    1. Plugs, dizzy cap, rotar arm
    2. Kit and bumpers stripped off, Nightmare... and i was lucky!
    3. New kit fixing kit and bumper kit purchased
    4. New OE Fuel and Oil filter purchased
    5. New rear disk protectors purchased
    6. Indicators bought and returned to amber
    7. Electrics now spot on.
    8. New exhaust purchased from France, and fitted. (apart from downpipe)
    9. 5 different 2nd hand bumpers bought on net, none good enough, so went for an aftermarket which looks good.
    10. Headlamp panels purchased
    11. Towing eye and panel, spare wheel cradle, all bumper brackets, blasted and powder coated
    12. Found Zenders period sideskirts and OE front mudflaps in a scrappy....flaps need attention but i'm confident they can be fixed.
    13. New OE badge set bought (excluding tailgate GTI badge)
    14. Door pins and a removal tool bought
    15. Changed the "woodscrews" to ST's where required in interior.
    16. New (2nd hand) Fr & Rr valances bought.

    20/7/13 Had Paintless dent removal done. All but 2 of 25yrs of trolley dents have vanished. The other 2 will go in the future when my man has glue sticks.
    14/8/13 Found a pair of very special rear Peugeot 205 GTI mudflaps, 14" speedlines, and an original locking wheel nut kit....for buttons. Yippee!
    15/8/13 Picked up car from getting rear beam done. Got the car back end lowered slightly, and its looking mean. Kicking myself i never got the the arse of it painted underneath whilst the back end was off..... but should be able to mask it off for the schutz. Wire brushed and hoovered rear inner sill, and hit with the first of 2 coats of rust reverser.
    20/8/13 Found a 1.6 non sunroof in a scrappies, and i'm first at it. Took all boot carpets, full perfect bodykit, some interior panels, engine air intake pipes, door rubbers, plugs and grommets, and a set of 1.9 SMR alloys and decent bolts... for £130, intend to use these wheels as i want to keep it French. The car is at Newbridge Edinburgh if you are quick. The full interior is still in it, and it's not the worst i've seen.
    24/8/13 Cleaned all body kit and bumpers with panel wipe and bagged them up; now ready for painting.
    Assisted fitting two new headlight panels, managed to dent a wing and burn paint on the other.... tricky job getting them off as Pug never had a shortage of sealer/mastics in the old days.

    W/E 6/9/13
    Cleaned underneath the car with fancy de-greasing wipes we use at work.... Feck me, the underneath is great.... Only bad points is where mechanics/garages have mistakenly jacked it, i done the same myself 20 yrs ago.
    But!.... Zero rust, and as white as snow. I was all prepared for shultz'in it, but now swithering as to whether i'd be doin the right thing.

    Earlier this week, after phoning a few places for costs for wheel refurbs, i found a set of supposedly mint SL's on the net (£110). Travelled nearly two hrs to be disappointed....my definition of mint is different. Although SL's, they were no better than what i have so declined them. Bought a orbital sander, and a fancy abrasive wheel for a drill, and alloy wheel filler, and intend to try a refurb myself. Already have a compressor. This part of the works will come later.

    Had the local "pole" out to give me a price for a full respray including the kit. Quoted £700, "it will be mint".

    However, later in the week, i found out a couple of local lads from the local land rover accident repair centre have set up shop themselves, i've called them and one should be out to see my car this week..... they have an oven etc, and apparently do a pefect job. Their flyer says full resprays "from" £600..... I am happy to pay more, a fair bit more, as long as its prep'd right, masked right, and the job is as best it can be.

    As i have had the back end dropped i'll need to think of the front.... -30mm, but when. Pre respray or post....mmm i don't want overspray on any new gear, but also don't want oily hands near my newly painted brief when new gear is fitted.

    Also thinking of biting the bullet and buying new GTI6 calipers rather than 2nd hand.... I intend to get new D&G'd discs anyway. £70 for old with discs V's £120ish for new, but still to buy discs.

    Tonight my bro helped me start the door pin job. Started on N/S. Top and middle pin no probs. Bottom pin is a pain. Door removed, removal tool "bits" fecked after little use. I've cut the top of the door pin flush with the hinge, tried hammering a 5mm bolt, tried heat, managed to drill a good proportion of the pin with a 6mm bit before it went blunt. Will try again after a visit to screwfix. Could see the car side part of the hindge moving with the hammering.... will need to either take measurements from OS or ask on here for dimensions.

    Bought B4's and E's for the front... santa's bring B4's for the back.

    since my last upade i've stripped a set of 5 wheels ready for painting.... front and back..... still picking black stuff out my nose and eyes.

    Recently bought GTI180 calipers, Discs&P's etc.... oh and also a scruffy looking GTI6 engine (with an abortion of a wiring loom)+unlocked ECU..... but since then bought a another standard loom for £10 on the bay.

    Had the 180 calipers blasted yesterday ...... and i painted them tonight (first coat)

    I'm 100% good original at the moment, with good history, ..... so, to GTI6 or not........... that is the question.

    (((Got a set of 5 14" 1.6 wheels for sale, 4 SL's and 1 SMR....£100 or swap/PX for bits and bobs.))))