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205 GTI 1.6
By stuart, 12/27/2012
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Color White
  • Year 1990
  • Short Description My first rally car which I competed in for 3 seasons and 8 or so rallies after building myself from scratch.
    Unfortunately last October we had a huge off on the Mull rally and the car was no more :(
    Here it is though in all it's glory!
  • Car Type / Usage Race / Rally car
  • Engine & Gearbox Fully balanced bottom end
    Worked head with Newman 300 tarmac rally / sprint cam
    PTS sump baffle
    Weber 45 carbs
    Maniflow 4-2-1 exhaust manifold
    Magnex stainless system
    (Made 158bhp / 126lbft @ mikeanics rolling road)

    BE1 with custom ratios
    4.43:1 CWP
    Quaife ATB
    Valeo BE3 clutch / arm
    Quick shift L bracket
    Bronze gear linkage bushes
  • Suspension & Steering PTS struts with bilstein gravel inserts
    9" tarmac springs
    PTS top mounts
    21mm torsion bars
    23mm ARB
    Bilstein tarmac dampers (AVO 2 ways later).
    309 wishbones / driveshafts
    306 Gti trailing arms
    PTS stud & nut kit
  • Brakes Hi Spec 4 pot calipers up front
    280mm discs
    Mintex M1155 pads
    406 master cylinder
    Bias valve
    1.9 calipers at the rear
    306 discs to suit arms
    Pagid blue pads
    Hydraulic handbrake
  • Wheels & Tyres 1.9 speedlines with Hankook moulded slicks
    Compmotive Mo 5 spokes with Kumho intermediates
  • Bodywork & Exterior Wihte colour coded bumpers / arches
    PTS stripes
    T16 cutout in front bumper
    Lightened doors
    Perspex side windows
    PTS sump / tank guards
  • Interior & ICE Corbeau sprint seats
    OMP cage
    Sabelt 3" 6 point harnesses
    Carbon effect door cards
    Suede steering wheel
  • Comments & Plans Salvage / sell remaining parts and build a new 205 rally car...
    A Toyota Celica ST205, watch this space! ;)