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205 GTI 1.9
Anton green
By Anton green, 12/04/2012
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Color Miami Blue
  • Year 1991
  • Short Description A particularly olde photograph of my 205 in one of its former guises. Many changes have occurred since this was taken.
  • Car Type / Usage Car currently off the road
  • Engine & Gearbox In this pic the car had a 160hp(rolling road) alloy Mi16 engine. The gearbox was a 1.9 with 4.4 crown wheel pinion.
  • Suspension & Steering Bilstein gas shocks, lowered 60mm on Ecosse Springs (more like 70mm+ in reality due to the wishbone angles and the 309GTI wishbones)
    Steering quick-rack

    The vehicle has since been raised to a purposeful road-going height.
  • Brakes Oversized and uprated front and rear.
  • Wheels & Tyres 1.9 Speedlines, Yokohama AVS Sport directional tyres. Since altered for others.
  • Bodywork & Exterior Currently in progress.
    Front valance lowered by 25mm.
    10mm front splitter.
    One picture displays a vented Peugeot Ecosse front bumper. Another picture Rally Giant foglights.
    Both have since been removed.
  • Interior & ICE Some i.c.e., some removed.
    A subtle/quiet sounding Piper backbox in coated mild steel which pops a little when the engine is really warm. I may alter the tailpipe angle on this box to standard spec in the future.
  • Comments & Plans Keeping it well maintained. Improving a few areas. Enjoying the car.