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Derek 205 Rallye

Disconnected sensor on Peugeot 205 rallye TU24

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that is very odd, I've never had issues with NGK, there is a lot of counterfeit stuff around though, recently had a Bosch "rermanufactured" starter for my Peugeot Boxer,  that has totally worn out melted brushes, worse condition inside than an used 10 year old starter!  

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Yeah , same here using mostly NGK plugs for +25 years !

On PSA XU/EW engines never had issues with NGK's but this TU24 simply didn't like them for some odd reason ?! counterfeit item , possibly but we bought them at an big local parts seller/importer (not on ebay or the likes) , but yes you never know ..


Though i had this the same scenario happened years before on some other car brand makes/models , and outboard engines as well , seems like certain engines or engine management (likely both in combination) have specific preference with regards to the spark plugs . 


Aftermarket parts as of recent years tend to be all over the place at times ! with regards to who makes what , who deal with who , quality control and all the rest odd stuff . 



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