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Mystery black wire - any ideas please ??

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Morning all


I'm in the process of taking my 8v XU DFZ cat 1.9 engine out and diligently marking up connectors etc, so I know where they go when it all goes back together ;)


However, I've come across this "mystery black wire" that wasn't connected to anything and I can't work out where it is meant to be ??


It looks like the single wire comes out of the same harness bundle as the ignition coil loom underneath the inlet manifold - I've accounted for all the wires that go to injectors, starter motor, oil pressure sender/switch and also alternator....so this one's a bit of a mystery.


I've had a scan through the Haynes manual that i've got (....admittedly, it only covers the earlier non cat cars)...but the wiring diagram offers no clues....




Does anybody have any bright ideas please ??


Thanks Guys :-)



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Not used .. it's optional connection for plugging interference suppressor .



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