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205 Front Hubs/Discs etc - AUSTRALIAN Section

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Australian 205 owners have probably commented on this in the past, but I haven't seen any reference to it and so had to figure it all out by trial and error (mostly the latter). It was very confusing and needs clarification for the 205's here. If this could be tacked onto welshpug's article in some way it'll help. 


Please refer to Mei's excellent reference article to be found here:



Calling parts "1.6GTi" or "1.9GTi" is prolematic in Australia, because here 1.9GTi's came with either hub/disc combination, depending on the year. 


Australia only got two versions of the 205, both petrol. The 1.9GTi and the Si (1.6l).


The 1.6GTi was not sold here, (but we still got the so called 1.6GTi hubs/discs - on the early 1.9GTi's.)


The 1.9GTi here came with an early hub/brake setup, and a later version.

EARLY version - base model 72mm Bearing hub carrier, Deep offset 21 spline hubs, Deep offset vented discs, and 21 spline driveshafts (and rear drum brakes)

LATER version - larger Bearing 82mm hub carrier, Low offset 25 spline hub, Low offset vented discs, and 25 spline driveshafts (with rear disc brakes)

Si - Base model 72mm hub carrier, Low Offset 21 spline hubs, Low offset solid discs, and 21 spline driveshafts


We got the same 2 hub carriers, 3 hubs, 2 bearings and 3 discs:



a) Smaller Base Model - 72mm OD Bearing

b) Larger - 82mm OD Bearing



a) Base Model Low Offset, 21 Spline, Smaller 72mm Bearing

b) Deep Offset, 21 Spline, Smaller 72mm Bearing

c) Low Offset, 25 Spline, Larger 82mm Bearing



a) Smaller 72mm OD x 35mm ID x 33mm Height

b) Larger 82mm OD x 42mm ID x 36mm Height


4. DISC: (All 247mm diametre)

a) Base Model Low Offset Solid Disc

b) Deep Offset Vented Disc

c) Low Offset Vented Disc


Not sure when Peugeot made the GTi spec change, probably around 1992 or 1993.


I've only got 2a(Base Model) and 2b (Deep Offset) hubs, but have put up some photos with bearings removed to try and show what they look like.

The Deep Offset Vented disk measures about 24mm from friction surface to top of wheel mating face, and is also shown next to the Low Offset Vented (on the car)

The Deep Offset Hub is easy to see with the centre circle cutouts and the deeper wheel mating face cup


And although its probably obvious, I'll put it in anyway:

Only a 72mm hub will fit a 72mm hub carrier

Only a Deep Offset Disc will fit a Deep Offset hub

Only a Vented Caliper will accommodate a Vented Disk

Only a 25 Spline hub will take a 25 spline Driveshaft















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What is called "The 1.9" in countries like France is the GTI with XU9JA (130hp) or XU9JAZ (122hp) engine.

Now in Switzerland or other countries with strict emissions laws the 1.6 GTI engine wasn't legal so Peugeot created the XU9J1 (105hp) engine to replace it.

Those GTI where badged 1.9 but had the same brakes and suspension than the 1.6 because "The 1.9" didn't even exist at the time.

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I did kinda wonder why Peugeot came out with the Deep Offset hub at all ?

Why not keep it simpler with just the two hubs which are both great ?

Anyway, there's probably some logical reason back in time


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It's probably because 1.6 GTI rear drums are 10mm wider.

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