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XUD Workshop Engine Overhaul Manual (Peugeot)

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Recently I got a copy of an official Peugeot Workshop Manual for the XU Diesels.

Ever since I picked up the tools I've always wanted one.


This is the Official Peugeot Engine Overhaul Manual for:

Engine:                                     Engine Code:          

XUD7                                        A9A 161

XUD7TE                                    A8A

XUD9                                        D9A 162

XUD9A                                      D9B

XUD9Y                                      DJ2   


Don't know why the XUD9TE is not included but its not ...


Its got all the tools, torque settings, diagrams, instructions for teardown/rebuild of the cylinder head and block for both early and later versions.


- The contents page is blank ? (no idea why)

- And the previous owner has crossed out the info relating to the earlier version of the engine as it obviously did not apply


Huge thank you to Damir !


I'm hoping I can attach the pdf copy to this topic so that anyone else can access it anytime they need.


here goes, a





XUDiesel Workshop Manual.pdf

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... links leading to the French ladies willing to learn us speak/read/write French please !


(candle light and glass of wine should do the trick , speeding up the process)




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pardonnez mon francais, but holy merde !


excellent work Damir/Baptiste, two proper workshop manuals in a week.


Just printed a hardcopy out of the larger 1998 Citroen one, real good


Its in french, but with the diagrams and some patience it's a good excuse to learn some




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I found an old auction on ebay for the german version of this for the XUD11 ( BRE 0427 D)but a quick search for the manual number bre 0509 e didn't find anything.



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