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Clunks when changing gear

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Classic Rides

A bit of information that may be helpful to those with a similar problem.

Since purchase of my 1992 205 CTI (1.9) a couple of years ago,  I have been chasing the source of clunks during gear changes, particularly at slower speeds and lower gears.

All three engine mounts were replaced, and also replaced the primary gear change linkages - the plastic clips had started to weaken and would occasionally let go,  the new metal clips tightened the gear change up considerably, but the clunks were still there.

I had earlier checked the tightness of the sub-frame mounting bolts and these appeared to be at the correct torque.

However this time I tried slackening them first - some were very tight - and then retorquing.  That was the solution, no more clunks.

Can only assume that the bolts had worn and slackened a bit over 30 years and were partially seized to appear fully tight.

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That's a good find.


When I had a similar noise on my mum's old 205 auto, it was the back box catching the rear beam as the engine moved when you came off the power.




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Or can be play/worn bush in the lower fork attached to on the subframe. 

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