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new windscreen front and rear

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Can any one give me a heads up to who can supply and fit a new bronze tinted front screen and rear heated screen.

What sort of money would you expect to pay for each ?

Also is the the rear screen inner and outer rubber trim available from anywhere or something suitable ?

What can anyone suggest for rear quarter window rubber trim that appears to have shrunk ?

I live in Sussex and have a D reg gti

Cheers Guys


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dunno what a BRONZE tinted screen is ?? sounds fancy

D reg is what '87 or something


anyway, the rear screen has a single rubber seal (as does the front) which was originally installed with lots of good rubbery sealant


both the rubber seals last very well, even over here with the brutal UV conditions

and neither can be bought anywhere far as I know

so if you do remove the glass, make sure to do it carefully so you can reuse the seals

this will require a lot of patience, I took both out of an unwanted shell and it took a while, so if you're taking it out of a real car it'll take even longer

or maybe the windscreen pro will do it way quicker with proper tools (I used a lot of paddle pop sticks)


not positive but I think you can get the rear quarter window seals from the peug shop:

its a bit of a clunky site but have a scroll thru, you might get lucky



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Having ordered a few bits from Pug Museum over the last few months these are the links to the relevant body / screen related seals to save you searching:


Windscreen seal (for cars with a sunroof) - https://www.pieces-de-rechange-classic.com/205/25552-joint-pare-brise-avec-toit-ouvrant.html

Windscreen seal (for cars without a sunroof) - https://www.pieces-de-rechange-classic.com/205/382-joint-pare-brise-sans-toit-ouvrant.html

Tailgate seal (rear screen glass) - https://www.pieces-de-rechange-classic.com/205/406-joint-de-lunette-ar.html

Tailgate seal (body seal) - https://www.pieces-de-rechange-classic.com/205/403-joint-coffre-arriere.html

Opening rear 1/4 window seal (2 x required) - https://www.pieces-de-rechange-classic.com/205/395-joint-vitre-de-custode.html


As for the glass itself, speak to a local / independent screen fitter rather than getting quotes from AutoGlass, etc.  It's been a while since i replaced my front screen but when i did i went via a local specialist who supplied / fitted a Pilkington screen.  Total cost was about £140 (obviously might have gone up since then) whereas AG were quoting about £400+ for the same spec screen & fitting.


I would recommend the company that did my screen, but it's in Longcross near Woking, so probably far further away than you'd need to travel tbh and i'm sure there are similar local places nearer to you.  Alternatively, if you're on Pistonheads, there's a poster on there called Glassman who can normally recommend decent fitters around the UK.

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Thanks for the info.

My rear screen has two seperate rubbers, an inner and a outer.


Wonder what the difference is between a front screen rubber for a sunroof model and a non sunroof ?

Mine has aftermarket sunroof (so I am told ) so guess I would need non sunroof rubber ?


There is advert for a new screen on ebay in Cheltenham ,,,anyone know of this dealer ?


Not come across the pug museum /shop but must be worth a bash.


I also have a sqeaky/rattle noise coming from fanbelt area.

Only when engine is hot.

It is not alternator.

Could this be water pump ?

Easy enough to source correct one and replace  ?

Best place to buy ?




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Ah just noticed the reg of yours as a phase 1 so a different rear screen seal - although i don't think i've ever seen those reproduced by Pug only the later seal.


The difference between the two windscreen seals is just the shape / angle of the seal where the top of the windscreen meets the roof panel.  Cars with the factory sliding sunroof have a seal with an angled lip that is designed to divert air over the sunroof & frame surround at speed, whereas the non sunroof seal just sits flat between the screen & roof panel.

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Thank you Alex really useful stuff.

Guys at Longcross have been great.

Front screen appears sorted now but still need a decent new or used rear bronze tint heated screen and ideally that inner rubber (mine is well mashed up)

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