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XUD7TD/XUD9TD Diesel Pumps Interchangeable ?

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got another question


my XUD7Turbo Diesel has a Lucas pump as did all the 205 TD's

But a lot of other PSA models like 306, 405, etc came with both Lucas or Bosch

Could I get a Bosch pump from a 306TD or 405TD which are both XUD9TE and bolt it straight on to my XUD7TE ??


If someone has an XUD9TE with a Bosch pump could you send the pump number so I can check the different calibrations against my pump


i reckon its probably been done heaps of times, guys get pumps off XUD9's and stick em on XUD7's

but I dont know if its ok or not, so need to check properly if I can


thanks all


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I swapped the Lucas pump for a Bosch one from a 1.9 TD out of a 405 years ago on my old STDT, all you have to change (apart from the pump, pipes & injectors) is the location of the front stud but that's easy & obvious when you get it all apart.


Can't help you with the part number of the pump I fitted though, I never made a note of it.



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I cant answer Your specific question but heres some gratuitous advice.


I have converted XUD`s from Lucas to Bosch and vice versa.

If its not absolutely neccessary to convert to a Bosch, but if Your just fancying having a go I say dont.

If it is neccessary i.e. siezed rotor head in a Lucas then fairysnuff !


Bosch pumped ones  here often have only 3 glow plugs working as the end ones a nasty job to remove even with a dealer toolkit. Or worse, that end ones been snapped or suchlike. That end glowplugs a ballache on a Bosch and has scrapped more than a few decent cars because folk get frightened when it snaps.


You will need a half moon 13mm ring spanner or it is impossible to get the bottom front nut holding the pump on, dont get one of the right angle ones sold to fit, they dont, long spanner heated and bent like a half moon spanner does the job. Did dib dib be prepared!


Timing a lucas with its top entry probe hole is a doddle, timing a Bosch with is end entry probe hole involves dismantling the oil filler/dipstick assembly which then leaks oil and You end up fannying about with new rubber pipes and hose clips etc, and sometimes the starter motor  has to come off if its one particular brand, i forget which.


I dont like Bosch pumps from the point of view of maintaining a standard vehicle, big numb awkward things. They are harder to loosen and tweak for minor timing adjustments, and the delivery valves often come loose when loosening injector delivery pipes, for some reason they dont on Lucas, no idea why not, always use a second spanner to keep the delivery valve in the end of the pump.


if its not broken  and Your not trying for a Bosch simply for "tuning" theres nothing wrong with Lucas ,millions of em still out there in everything from fire engines to emergency backup generators in hospitals.


I have killed a few Lucas with too thick fuels eg rape oil on a sub zero winters day, the other common failures been veg oils attacking the rubber parts most noticeablty the diaphragms split in the boost pressure arangement and the engine wont stop revving because it pulls fuel into the inlet manifold ,otherwise if You only use pump fuel they are fine to use. Bosch also dont like veg fuels and they have the seals attacked just the same.The only good thing I can see with them is they dont seize up with thick fuels.





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