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12 Years Of 205 Gti Developments

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Well where to start I've been about for a while but this is my first thread!


I bought my 205 in 2003 in a sorry state, keyed, 50 shades of red, no Mot, 3 sets of wheels but once owned and developed by Suffolk Racing (i grew up in suffolk) a local track car development company.


Anyway years later - 1.9 to Mi16 conversions (fitted a dud) rebuids during uni.. long term storage

£1000 of pounds of upgrades and downgrades i still have it but its time for the next level of development (which i would be interested in your thoughts).


I don't want to run the same course as everyone else but run my own and see where i get ....


Any way this is where i am:

  • Red 1989 205 1.9 GTI
  • MI16 engine conversion (rebuilt & Wired by me)
  • 1.9 box
  • Avo adjustable suspension
  • Willwood four pots and 285 disks
  • Braided brake lines F&R
  • polybushed front W/B
  • Qep angle plate standard manifold
  • Frankenstien exhaust system
  • Short shift
  • GTI6 oil pump spring
  • Oil pressure gauge
  • Oil temp Gauge
  • Yoko Pradas

Any way a few pics from over the years then on to my new exhaust plans..

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Not the first Picture as they are printed on that funny old shiny paper stuff.

2003 -Check the bean can! and Nurburgring sticker... i was such a LAD! ha ha
2005 - Second time the Mi went in but this time with a fresh Uni rebuild.
2009 - Third time i revisited the Deux - Cent Cinq spending money on shiny bits

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Couple of shots when it got to its best to date in 2009/10




Good times :)




Four wheel Align!




Anyway after being of the rd for a couple of years its now mot'd again and being enjoyed. but my next step is a new full exhaust system with itbs and cams also soon to be on the cards!



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So MI16 exhaust manifolds - looked and read a lot on here and it all heads in two paths!


  • Maniflow 4 -2- 1 or longmans 4 - 1 (both mild steel)
  • An the main man Miles, sweet manifolds (Mild or stainless)

I did some research and reading and found a couple of other manifolds not tried or tested that after a few calcs also seemed may offer some gains to power and torque from 3 to 5krpm.


two other options..


  • Swedish Peugeot Tunning specialist 8 4 2 1 - (stainless)
  • Dutch tubular manifold Specialists 8 4 1 - (stainless)

So after running my Calcs past the resident engine guru at work, it pinpointed to the Dutch manifold.


I will add some pictures tomorrow of the manifolds as it has now arrived!

Edited by gibbz

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Swedish Peugeot tunning company Manifold with exhaust






Dutch Tubular Manifold





next i plan to have an exhaust Fabricated locally but i am not sure if i should go for a Twin box system or single larger rear box... im after an original raspy 205 Group N rally note obviously not to restrictive and not to loud.. definatley not boomy... it will be tig welded and 304 Stainless 2.25inch with mandrel bends thats about all i know for certain.


any thoughts or help with this would be much appreciated?

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Interesting topic. Who can tell me how the Swedish and the Dutch company are/ where called? Thanks 

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