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Tom Fenton

[faq] Where Does The Crank Sensor On The 8v Engine Plug In To?

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Tom Fenton

NOTE - The 8v engine as fitted to all of the 205 GTI's as standard uses Jetronic engine management from the very earliest 205s through to around mid 1992. After mid 1992 the more advanced Motronic engine management was used. This article relates to the earlier and more common Jetronic cars. This info is applicable to UK spec cars.


Q - 8v Crank sensor- why is it not plugged in, where does it plug into?


A - The crank sensor as fitted to all the Jetronic engines is not actually connected to anything. It was placed there by Peugeot as a diagnostic aid for use by the main dealers with a special tool. Therefore the brown three pin plug usually found floating about near the distributor does not plug in anywhere on the car loom. It serves no purpose in making the engine run.

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