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Glovebox Lock Stuck

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The glovebox in my 205 won't open and the lock won't turn, any ideas of what to do other than break the glovebox into pieces ? :)

I remember it has happened in the past and with a bit of luck and twisting left and right with the key in the lock I managed to open it but it won't move now..



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patience and light violence used to work with mine

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Stealthy approach, try open it when it's not expecting it. Often works for me.

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happend twice to me, has to bust them off. Get a base model one with no key lock, they don't jam :)

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Happened on mine. I'd like to find some way to sort it as I like having a matching lockset but I fear I'll have to either leave it as it is or hack at it and replace with a base model....

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After about 4 years I finally got round to reassembling all the dash plastics, having brought them over on the parcel shelf as a job to do on our never ending tour of Europe. Had bought a new lock set after keys & then the car was stolen. Of course when I came to fit glove box lid, I realised new lock for that was still in storage back in UK, ....& of course, I'd had no need to bring original key....doh!

Anyway, out walking the dog, I saw a thin but pretty rigid piece of steel, about 4" long and about a 10th of an inch wide. Could be useful....& it was.

If you look carefully above the lock knob, you'll see a small rectangular gap...poke the steel in there keeping it straight....once it's in a little way, it'll go in no further. At that point, lever the steel to the left (so that the lid acts as a fulcrum and the tip of the steel moves to the right)....you should feel the catch moving against its spring...obviously don't go so far as to bend the steel. Pull on the knob once you feel heavier resistance....& lid should open.

Trick of course is finding something thin enough to go in that gap, but thick enough not to bend.

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I had the same problem, in the end I had to break the lock with a screwdriver.

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I came across this age old posting because my glovebox lock stuck.

Before reading further I stongly suggest all and sundry 205 owners:

Go now directly to your toolbox/shed/ratsnest.

Find a small/medium flathead screwdriver or equivalent, longnose pliers, nail, anything really.

Go to your jelopy, jelopii etc

Open glovebox,

Push out small black tab shown in pic 4. It sits in the square gap shown in pic 2. Push it all the way out. Winkle if necessary but get it out.

Smash it with a hammer on a cold hard anvil.

If you've already done it years ago, just sit there smug like.

The 205 Glovebox. They hold about a thimble full of stuff, if a dude with a screwdriver/rock/crowbar can wreck your car door for entry he's not gunna tip toe around the plastic glovebox.Who locks a glovebox anyway, and who apart from Alan Partridge wears driving gloves. Nobody. The only reason the glovebox really matters is because the fuseboard is behind its crappy plastic exterior.

I add the rest because others will inevitably get locked out of a stuck glovebox.

You can get it open without breaking anything or drilling it out. It will take some time and fuffin around though.

My experience.

'93 205D converted from a petrol Si. Was referring to my previous wiring to help with my current 205TD conversion.

Glovebox open, inadvertently bumped the tab referred to previously and closed the lid unaware what I'd done.

Until, my starter packed it in and I needed to get back in the glovebox to rule out fuses as the cause and make sure I'd not left anything amiss.

Locked . Cant remember locking it ? Oh well, I'll get my key..

Wouldn't open. Lock Stuck solid. Tried stealth,sneeking up on it, gentle persuasion and a little torque. (Not too much, in Australia if you even look the wrong way at Peugeot 205 dash plastics they break into a million pieces). Not opening.

Previously on another 205 I'd had the same problem but that time the tab must have been only slightly pushed in so my key was able to unlock it.

Anyway, this time its not budging. Locksmiths no help because any key they have isn't gunna be better than the car key I have..So its either finding a fix or the suggested drilling out the lock barrel or most likely breaking stuff.

So check the earlier helpful postings and thought its worth relaying my findings in detail for others that fall victim to the Peugeot booby trapped 205 glovebox.

I find when working on the glovebox area its worth taking the time to remove the LF seat but that's up to you.

See pics attached.

You need a flat piece of steel 5mm wide x 1.2mm thick. Exactly, not 5.2 or 5.5mm, 5. Also, any thicker than 1.2 and it probably wont go in either.

I made up from galvanised sheet, cut a piece about 120mm long. It only needs to be about 60mm long, but longer gives a little more leverage.

High tensile or tool steel would be better and as shown I modified a crappy old screwdriver in case the gal failed. Other metals will be too soft.

Put a very slight curve/bend in the end to insert down over the lock knob and into the rectangular gap that is almost impossible to even see, but it IS there.

Then as suggested earlier, when you're in the slot and get the angle right it will slide in about 20mm and stop.

Then push the long end to your left using the lock knob as a lever point.

The short end inside will push right and force the spring mech open, dropping the lid. (see pic).

If the tip of your metal just bend left instead of opening the door, like mine, take it out, flip it over and put it back in and push against the bend. Pop.

Nothing broken. All that just to open a bloody glovebox.

Also, there are at least 3 makes of lock. Valeo, Nieman, Clausor. They all have the gap to slide thru above lock knob.

Now, how do I attach these pics ?? Got it.

pic 1 is the lock with the bit of metal/micro jimmy bar in thru the small gap above the lock knob

2 is with door open showing the metal thru the gap and into the lock pressing the spring mech

3 is the little curve in the metal piece

4 is the metal, modified screwdriver and the offending black plastic tabs removed forever









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also, final update that no one 'll ever read, but anyway


although, some of the earlier enthusiasts went into changing the lock barrels inside the lock mech, I can't really see why that would be necessary.

but, in case someone needs to replace the lock mechanism:

I found it too hard to get the lock out of the door in situ. so its out with the seat first, then out with the whole glovebox door, then the lock, then replace, then al back in reverse:

1. I'd recommend taking out the front seat first. then put cushions down front and back and lie upside down with melon in front footwell.

2. front seat has 5 x torx 40? screws. its a bit fiddly (what isn't on the 205) but I found it worked to take out the front two first, then the rear 3. carefully slide forward or tilt seat when necessary

3. ok so, now take out ALL SEVEN self tapping pozi 2 screws from the glovebox door subframe bit. start with the two just under the lower lip of the glovebox door. Dont forget them or you'll break things when you go to pull out the . you can see where they all are in the pics attached.

plus the M10 centre nut

plus the two Pozi 2 bonnet cable release bolts to the sidewall

4. then assuming the door is open, carefully lower the whole door/subframe unit out

5. to remove the lock from the door depress the tabs pointed out by the pen shown in the picture. its hard though, even when you're pressing on the tabs together. one of my locks just would not come out no matter what but it was still in good nick so I left it

6. youll probably also need to depress the two tabs to get it in. I did

if frustration gets the better of you trying to get the old lock out, just make sure you break the lock and not the door otherwise its back to the wreckers for another part)

6. once replaced slot the door into the subframe as shown from the side, press/hold together and slot back up under dash with bonnet cable release held aside. it should fit in snugly if not don't force it. slot it over the centre bolt and fix the M10 nut, then the screws loosely and then put the cable release in position to that side hook last. tighten up when its all in place










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Tom Wilko

You saved my glovebox! Thanks for taking the time to do the write up!


I bought a lock picking kit off amazon and failed! But I managed to use one of the lock picks and go in thru the small hole!


I got a bit confused at first and tried going down into the lock, so make sure you go 90° to the face of the glovebox with the tool! 

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ha !

surprised someone read to the end

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