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Tu5J4 Conversion

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Hi guys


First main post up on here. So thanks for the add.


Ive a 1360 TU engined XR, which Im now on the way to putting a TU5J4 (106 GTi/Saxo Vts) engine into.


Im aware that the top mount needs modified, the top rad hose needs making up and also the exhaust modified to suit the bend for going over the steering rack.


However Ive a few more things Im not 100% about.


Im wanting to splice the two looms together, using the single plug TU5 ecu and loom mating that into the existing 205 loom. Has this been done before? And is it relatively straight forward?


Fueling the injection setup. Im keeping the standard injection off the engine, so will I need to run a live feed off the ecu for a high pressure fuel pump? And is the pressure 2-2.5 bar?


If there is anything else I may have missed please let me know, any help is much appreciated.





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I wired up a conversion for my mate a while ago, his was a 1.1,we fitted the 205 GTI tank and as for the wiring I joined both looms, That was a single plug set up aswell, I did away with the plug in the engine bay altogether and just hard wired it as he thought it was a lot neater that way and to be honest it does look better. As for the fuel pump feed that comes from the double relay, we just ran a fused wire back to the tank. The rev counter we made a tacho adapter with some resistors and diodes from maplin (that's explained on the forum if you didn't already know). We used an oil T piece adapter to get the oil pressure gauge working. Don't forget you will need to get the immobiliser removed.

The hardest bit we found was trying to get the ecu mounted somewhere neatly. All in all a pretty easy swap and his is pretty lively.

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If you have a multiplug connector from the engine loom its nice to use that as a bulkhead connector. Ive done a few TU5j4 and XU10j4rs conversions. Either way, just splice to the fuse board on the 205.

Hopefully you have a fuel injected tu anyway? So you would already have a fuel injection tank and the correct fuse board. Use a 1.9 gti pump if its bigger, I did on my conversions.

Splicing to the fuse board is the best way, no direct feeds or bypassing relays, just works as they should.

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