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1.1 Into A 1.4 Citroen C3

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Having a bit of a dilemma here, Been roped into replacing the engine on my neighbors C3, Picked up an engine the other night and have swapped everything from the old engine over. Came to put on the new timing belt tonight and its too long, Counting the teeth on the new belt its 104 on the old belt its 100. Done some searching of part numbers off the old belt and it seems that the 100 tooth belt is fitted to the 1.1 TUs. So it seems I have been given the wrong engine now anyone have any thoughts on fitting this its a daily driver only used for work so being a tad slower wont really make a difference, But im just wondering how the 1.1 would fair on the 1.4 managment / fuel system and if it would even work. Cheers.

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