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[car_overhaul] Miami16. The Story Of Slowly Progressing 205 Build.

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Shame after spending so long building it, but I guess that if you're not using it and you don't foresee that changing then maybe it makes sense :(

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What a fantastic thread, took a while but I read the whole story, I am just starting my Miami MI16 project at the minute, it's stripdown time, and I will be following a path similar to yours. (So if you have any spare spares that may help I would gladly buy them from you) all what you have wrote I will take on board , it will be a help towards what I have ahead of me.

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Had a go at the fading trim and bumpers on on the 205.


I have previously used some G Technic stuff with good results but the bumpers always looked faded and several shades lighter than the side trims.


Bought some of the Autobright Restore 2 Black Permanent Dye and tried the rear sections and rear bumper.


It goes on on really easily, wipes off the paint and the red trim easily and seems to give a good even result. I think with some careful touching up with something more accurate than the big sponge donut they provide, it will look very good indeed.


Before, looking faded and powdery







The rear bumper has really taken up the colour well.



I am pleased and will continue with it for the rest of the trim.


You can see the lacquer issues the car is now suffering in the above photo, it has crazed and looks almost matt at some angles. Can you tell the tailgate had paint in the past?!! :lol:​

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