Just a bit of background if I may.   Always wanted a GTI since my owing an XS as my first car back in 2001 Finally got hold of a neglected but late 1993 L reg back in December 2012 which required a little work to get it roadworthy.   Spent most of its time since ownership continuing its life as an algae gatherer until just a couple of weeks ago when I had done enough to get it through its MOT and give it the very long overdue wash.   Shortly after purchase..       I was extremely proud of the condition of my half leathers..       Things were going well. I enjoyed driving it and was in the process of sorting the cosmetics. I recently posted in the Wanted section for a pair of doors in original colour as I'm not sure where that drivers door came from! Ad kindly offered me a door from his Rallye and I arranged to pick it up from him on Saturday.   However, the Friday before door collection, whilst in town having a few well deserved ciders and feeling rather chuffed with myself I got a phone call... "You'd better come home. Your cars on fire!"   Suffice to say, its not as bad as I initially envisaged but I am devastated! The insurance company has been informed but I'm unlikely to proceed with the claim since this forum has definitely shown me that no matter what the damage, a 205 never seems to be beyond repair!   I'm going to blame the IR receiver for the central locking. Does anyone know if thats possible? I only discovered the original Plip worked a few days ago so started to use it. The fire started in the upper console but I'm certain I didn't leave an interior light on. Anyone else ever come across this before? Please bear in mind the fire was noticed at 8pm and the car had been parked up since 10:30am   So the aftermath...   Sunroof is going to be my biggest challenge...         My beautiful seats. There's got to be plenty of spare bolsters for this side right?     Handbrakes a bit of a mess too..       So the plan is to scrub everything, strip out roof lining and all destroyed parts. Sunroof can be taped up for the time being until I obtain the knowhow on how to replace it. Most bits don't seem too difficult to get hold of but those seats I don't know what to do. I know there are plenty of impressive resto threads with advice on how to re-trim but my concern is the cost. Seats and sunroof are going to be costly and with the recent small fortune spent on getting it roadworthy, this could take quite a while!   Ever hopeful, I still proceeded to collect the door! Ad also helped me with a few other interior bits which will prove to be very useful.