Hi, I thought I'd search for this first although it did not prove fruitful.   Basically, when we bought our '89 205 1.6 Gti we were deciding on what to replace and noticed that on the N/S the centre of the Drop link caught the Knuckle joint on the back, where the nut secures the damper into it. As a result, it bent the drop link in the centre slightly. The O/S did not seem to do this but it was 'kissing' the back of the knuckle joint.   The car is now on new dampers (Compbrake Coilover bodies on Bilstein Gravel inserts (250/125) with Springs from Peter Lloyd (I think 200IB) and the Compbrake Spherical top mounts). It still exibits the same problems.   I originally thought that the arms were to blame although they seem to be 205 GTi items and both sides are the same size as either other. Balljoints in them are fine too.   What do you think is causing the drop links to catch the knuckle joints?