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Found 1 result

  1. Hi! At the start I tell you a little bit of the car itself: It`s a 205 1.9GTi from year 1987 with XU9JA 130hp engine. I bought it thre years ago and then it was sad looking old and seriosly raped by couple of ex teenagers. It worked somehow but it wasn´t in good shape at all. First I overhauled the engine, but after two months, I started a turbo conversion. In second winter, when turbocharged engine was proven functional, it was time to strip down the whole car and do a little bit body makeover. So the whole car is now like a new. Engine runs with E85 fuel and gives about 300hp (calculated, not checked at dyno). 0-160 time with standard tires was 9.3 secs at autumn, not so bad... The car was in three shows last summer and one magazine made an article from it. We don´t have so many 205´s here which is in good condition, so I´m very happy for the result. This was my first car project and turbo conversion project. Few photos where it stands at the time: ​ ​ ​ This engine will get retired now... Garrett T3/4 + Siemens DEKA V 875cc injectors. 240 flywheel hp with pump gas, about 300hp with ethanol. ​ BUT! Now it´s time to do something new This is obviously common thing in UK, but here in Finland, no one has yet made this conversion into any (road)car. I supposed to build a typical Mi16 Turbo, but when I got it don, I sold it and bought this EW. It´s from 2005 206 RC, which did suck water, thanks to great K&N Typhoon filter kit, which takes in alla smallen than a squirrell from asphalt. One on the pistons and conrods were brokn, but anything else wasn´t broke, luckily. Engine has been running only 100 000 km so it is like a new at other parts. My plan is to make it turbocharged, and my habit is to get to know what engine can handle with OE parts and design. So let´s see it then Planned mods for the powerline are: - Custom built Garrett GT40 charger with.88 Motorsport turbine housing etc. + External 38mm wastegate + DIY stainless (AISI409) manifold. - Megasquirt III based Finnish ATDriveboard ECU + 4-ch EGT + Innovate MTX-L WB + SD card Logging + Bluetooth + Samsung Galaxy Tab II as in extra instrument/gauge screen. - Cable driven 70mm Billet throttle body with RC OE intake manifold - 3" exhaust with one Simons silencer - Original BE4R gearbox, flavoured with Quaife ATB and RC´s cable gear selector (thanks to exhaust, 205 own doesn´t fit anymore, oops) It was easy to make custom engine fitting when I took one scrap and cutted the whole front end into my garage (if you wonder why engine bay is so rusty and white in some of the pictures ) Few photos from fitting: First fitments into scrap engine bay (this is the separate "fitment bay" very useful and handy! DIY Upper mount Manifold â€â€ Empty engine shell but taken off from fitting. It fits perfectly Reason and cause why I have this engine... I´m very sorry if the images are too big, don´t expect that one dumb Finnish guy can us a computer, just look at his writing