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205 CTI
By Velvet, 08/12/2013
  • Country Lithuania
  • Color Black
  • Year 1994
  • Short Description It was CJ 1.4, but now it has GTi engine, suspention, rear bridge with disc brakes. Plans for future are to give a look to a real CTi.
  • Car Type / Usage Road car
  • Engine & Gearbox Standard GTi engine (XU9JAZ (DKZ)) and standard GTi gearbox (BE-3).
  • Suspension & Steering Standard GTi suspension (arms, sub frame etc.).
  • Brakes Standard GTi discs, brake pads and calipers.
  • Wheels & Tyres Standard GTi 15 inch Speedlines with R15/175/55 tyres.
  • Bodywork & Exterior Standard CJ bodywork with a styled front bumper.
  • Interior & ICE Standard CJ interior. Installed voltage gauge.
  • Comments & Plans To make it a real CTi.