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205 GTI-S 1.9
Old Website
By Old Website, 12/04/2012
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Color Sorrento Green
  • Year 1991
  • Short Description Old owner: feb
  • Car Type / Usage n/a (ex-owner)
  • Engine & Gearbox Skip Brown Cars 1.9S 8v fast road engine conversion: complete engine balanced, crankshaft/flywheel/clutch assembly, con-rods & pistons, modified gas-flowed cylinder head with stainless steel exhaust valves and 270 degrees camshaft, Mocal 13-row oil cooler, K&N 57i induction kit, 140 bhp @ wheels (measured)
    GTI 1.9 gearbox, Quaife ATB, SBC quickshift linkage
  • Suspension & Steering Skip Brown cars phase 1 - revlaved Bilstein shocks, dual rate front springs (-25mm) and rear torsion bars adjusted to suit front ride height.
    Skip Brown Cars phase 2 - uprated torsion bars, uprated rear anti-roll bar and rear negative camber suspension kit.
    Sparco front upper strut brace, rear beam rebuilt, GrpN rear axle mounts
  • Brakes Goodrich braided brake hoses and Mintex M1144 fast road pads (all-round)
  • Wheels & Tyres 6x15" GTI 1.9 wheels, Goodwood style, 195/50/15 Michelin Pilot Exalto 2
  • Bodywork & Exterior colour coded bumpers and trim, with silver inserts, plastic tailgate panel removed
  • Interior & ICE Pioneer headunit and upgraded speakers
  • Comments & Plans None