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David 205CTI

205CTI SORN since 2005!

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David 205CTI

So where do I start, apart from I am new here , never been on any forum before and really need some advise/help, so apologies if I do not follow the correct etiquette.


I purchased a 205CTi back in 2000, drove and loved it for years but ended up putting it in a garage and sort of forgetting about it. When we moved 6 years ago I transported it to a barn where it has been sat gathering dust until now when I need to move it.

The car was in excellent condition, except the drivers seat had a small rip in it. It has done just over 98k miles, had 3 former keeper and has a full set of old MOT's & service receipts. I has not been started for at least 8 years as I am to nervous just in case the cam belt has rotted and snaps.


So why I am posting this, what should I do with it?

1. Try and sell it 'as is', if so any idea of how much to advertise for or where to advertise (prices seem to vary loads on autotrader). Anyone interested, as I think this is my preferred option?

2. Restore it and sell it, if so anyone know who might do this for me in the Essex area and thoughts on costs etc.

3. Find another location to store it, as the prices are going up and worth the storage costs.


Thank you in in advance and if you need any more information, please let me know.




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nice car

opinions will vary on what to do

but I'd suggest that if you like the car, fix it, rego it and drive it

if you don't or can't do that then sell it as is,

take a bunch of photos and don't even wash it cause if it was me buying I'd rather do that myself

an auction will find the mark,

prices vary a lot: there's a bunch of different specs of the 205 and a big variation in the condition owners keep them in

buyers do seem to see them for what they are, appear to pick out the good ones, and a seller should be prepared to meet them


your caution regarding the timing belt is encouraging, don't start it without installing a new one first

which causes more questions:

can't sell as a 'runner' until you can start it

can't start it until you've at least changed the belt..

and on


probably easiest just to consider if you like it or not and go from there




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Tom Fenton

I would only spend money on it if you intend to keep it. CTI are not worth the same as GTI are, after 15 odd years dormant you could well spend approaching sale value on getting into a good state again. 
To sell I would put it on eBay with lots of pictures to show it in its best light and a thorough write up of condition. 

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David 205CTI

Thanks for the advise, think you are right so check out the auction website soon!

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Leslie green

Hi and welcome :D the only money id spend is changing the timing belt so you can at least try  and start it  as a  runner will be worth way more than a non runner. It's not worth doing any resto work to sell it as you will be out its value very quickly with high labour costs and storing it in the hope a resto project will become valuable is just not going to happen either as most want a Gti as said. Its condition isn't going to improve much either sat another few years and it will end up a parts car or scrapped so best to shift it on now and let someone fix it before it's past saving as 17 years is a hell of a long time to sit and even if it drove in the shed id be surprised if it doesn't need a lot of work before it will drive out again.

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