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Xu9j fuel pump relay not cutting in

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Please help


i have recently converted my 205 gti 1990 back from mi16 to standard, I managed to get a good engine/ ecu wiring loom online 

everything worked ok but the starter motor solenoid kept firing in intermittently when the engine was running, I changed the starter motor for a new one but then, whenever I turned the ignition switch top position 2 the starter was on permanently. I moved the yellow wire that was lumped in with the switched live to position 5 in the small multi plug, now the starter works ok but the fuel pump relay doesn’t cut in, I have attached a picture of the wiring as it is.


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Does your 8v loom have a tachymetric relay in the system?  


There are interactions between fuel pump, injectors, and engine cranking speed related to that relay. Later models use a two relay system but the intention of switching on/off fuel supply as a safety factor is still achieved. 


Damir's article is well worth reading. It identifies terminals. With those and a circuit diagram (or two) you might be able follow the wiring more easily.



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