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205GTI rally car barn find

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Richard309Sri XU5JA 205GTi

that all sounds ok - actually really good, better than just ok - to me;

yeah agreed, with that info the servo sounds good/working fine.

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sooo, I’ve just driven it to the MOT garage ready for tomorrow. See how it gets on.


Taken way longer to sort the final little snags out than I wanted, and that’s partly down to a handbrake cable that I ordered 2 weeks ago and have been waiting for it to land till yesterday. I ordered 2 online via eBay at the same time one turned up and one didn’t, after being ignored for a couple days they eventually sent me another out but on the slowest parcel delivery available.


On the brakes front I took the compensator out of the system and re-bled it all just so I could satisfy myself that all the air was out and they were working, with a pedal feel I was happy with, this done I still didn’t like the feel with little resistance in the top 1/3 of the pedal stroke with the drum correctly adjusted up etc. so as a double check I ordered a new M/C as having checked it appeared I had been sent a 19mm M/C when I bought one at the start of the year and either hadn’t realised it was 19mm or didn’t at the time realise that it needed/should have a 21mm M/C. Whilst I was waiting for that to turn up with the handbrake cable I plumbed the compensator back in and did loads of little snagging jobs, assuming that the new 21mm M/C would solve all my worldly problems!!


It didn’t, I still don’t like the feel of the pedal in the first 1/3 of the pedal stroke, it is moving the calipers and slaves and the drum are scraping with no brake applied so correctly adjusted, I cleaned all the slide/retainer wedges on the Bendix calipers and I get a little improvement but not what I want.


That said on an extended test drive off the highway (it is fully insured but not MOT’d taxed) it’ll lock up all 4 wheels, that said the rears lock a little too easily for my liking so I think I’ll also plumb in a bias valve I have sat on the shelf and reduce them again after the compensator.


So snagging wise I wanted to look at the following as I had time –

Fan surround and fan wiring surround was broken and repaired but rubbed and the fan wiring was via a switch and no off the temp sensor. Replacement fan and surround along with the diesel relays bought and wiring amended and that was sorted, I haven’t wired the relays in as it hasn’t got a thermostat in it and it seems to not get overly hot fast.

Rally mudflaps fitted to protect the inner arches etc, I also need to have a look at the fuel hose protective plate yet.

Began cleaning up the sumpguard and fuel tank guards.

Dash binnacle out and bulbs changed and 25years worth of farm muck and dust cleaned out. The brake light warning wasn’t working as the bulb was dead.

Fresh set of pads and I put a poly strip wheel to the discs just to give them a clean.

Schultz underneath it and the inner arches and went crazy with the tiger seal.

Tried in vain the get the interior light to work off the door switched but I don’t seem to have a permanent live up to the light only a switched live for the map light, as an aside I only have the map light in my interior light housing as the interior light has been cut off as the roll bar interferes  with it, but I was going to leave the map light pointing one way and use that as my interior as I need to wire in the Avanti map light and the Poti light plus trip anyway.

Changed the wheels from the ones I was using complete with 25year old Michelin gravel forest tyres to the uniroyals that the other 205 has been sat on.

I doubt it’ll fail on anything major but I do think its developing a little bit of a grumble from a bearing but all the wheels seem quiet when jacked up but when driving along I feel like there is a grumbling noise, however as I have no rear seatbelts all the rear seats are out so that the MOT wont fail on them. So it may just be the lack of sound deadening that making it sound a little grumbly.

Also lets say, hypothetically, if I nail it on my extended off the public highway test drive in second to fourth it is keen on backfiring and popping when I come off the throttle and it also does on a heel and toe downshift. So the emissions may be off, it runs a straight through Exhaust with only a back box which I would image has little silencing in it anymore. I have had a check for a leak on the manifold and there is nothing obvious.


See what tomorrow brings but it’s nice enough to drive with no big bangs or knocks so it should only fail on something small if anything, well at least I hope so!



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Happy days - it Passed! 


Still wants some fettling so that I am happy and I need to wire the trip in etc.

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