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Power steering on 1.9 thoughts/advice

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Tom Fenton

Another way round it is use the 205 manual square pinion lower column link, take it to bits and fit the very bottom bit of the 306/Xsara one, which is the same square drive but shorter to take into account the power rack.

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21 hours ago, joris_andriesse said:

I found a new xsara vts ph1 pas steeringrack, but to me it seems that the pinion doesn't have splines. 

Check carefully that it is an actual Xsara VTS rack (i.e. 2.4 turns lock to lock) - a few years ago I tried to find a new/recon one, and while several places claimed to sell them, they were actually just regular (3.2 turn lock to lock) 306/Xsara PAS racks that they were selling as "compatible" with a Xsara VTS.


18 hours ago, SweetBadger said:

You need the 205 Gti non-pas square drive lower universal joint. This will fit, however it's about 10mm too long so if you use it unmodified it pushes the steering wheel towards the driver and you'll lose the self cancelling indicators.

I think that this is one of those tolerance things, as on some 205's you can use a 205 non-PAS square drive lower UJ without any modifications at all.  That's how my own 205 with a Xsara VTS rack is done and how a few others I know of have been done without issue.  Column doesn't move so the self-cancelling function works as normal etc.


The way that Tom suggests is the proper way to do it though and is what I would probably do if I end up converting another car in the future.

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