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Xmt - Sarty's Xsara Mi16 Turbo

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I guess you just plumb it as below. I was thinking you needed the extra port on the wastegate.

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 2.19.50 PM.png

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He has an internal waste gate and probably will run not that much boost that the internal wastegate picture will not work. 


Before you start running closed loop, you should make sure that the open loop forward gain is already spot on.

The closed loop should only be there to compensate for disturbances like temperature, gearing etc.  

On my gti the wastegate valve is closed below 0.5? bar boost and the rpm dependent feed forward gain is more or less giving the boost level I want (in 3th gear, average temperature).

If the feed forward gain is way off, the closed loop PID needs to work hard and will either end up in integrator wind up or needs to be tuned at a low bandwidth, resulting in slow boost build up.  

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