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What Have You Done To Your 205 Today?

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Leslie green

Pulled the gti out of the shed , its still on the jig I left it on 2 years ago , a birds nest was in the inner wing , least someone was getting some use out of it lol 

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took off the failed Peugeot diesel filter

installed a used identical spare one

it 'developed' the same issue not 5 mins later

(the diaphrams collapse, mixing 1 part air to 1 part diesel into my fuel feed line)

ripped it out

visited local wreckers, made a beeline for the diesel SUV section

fixed my beedy eyeball on a diesel filter in a stripped out '96 Toyota Hilux 2.8D

whipped it out, fabricated a bracket to locate it in the Dturbo engine bay

installed, bled the system and away goes the XUD

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Tom Fenton

My brake hoses fit, 1.9 handbrake cables with a washer added fit!


Inner arch required a bit cutting out for clearance


But otherwise so far so good with the C4 rear caliper conversion.


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