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Xu10J4Rs (Gti6) Torque Settings And Sequences

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I am looking to collate the following information onto one thread to make it easy for people to follow. Plus I need to know some of the answers.


Head bolt tightening sequence and torque settings

Main end tightening and torque settings

Big end tightening and torque settings




Head bolt tightening sequence:




Head bolt torque settings

What torque do people use as I have found several answers through a search but all throw up different results. Some people use torque throughout and disregard the angle setting. Others use the angle but different guides give different results.


E.g. Smighall's post on the 306 gti6 forum says: 35nm, 70nm, 160 degrees (His tightening sequence makes no sense at all on the picture to me)

and auto data suggest 60nm, slacken, 20nm then 300 degrees



Main end bearings sequence:


I guess this sequence would be the same as the head bolt tightening sequence


Main end bearing torque settings:


70 Nm

* I have read that people do not like using these settings if 2nd hand bolts have been used. Also I have read that they are tightened in stages. What is the best/prefered way to do this.



Big end bearing sequence


Can't see this making a huge difference what order these are tightened in


Big end bearing torque settings


40 nm

* Again any other recommendations on this?


The above 2 torque settings where taken from Autodata sheet found here



Any suggestions welcome, constructive not destructive please :)

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Reference the head gasket it's always on packet so different sequences for different manufacturers I would assume. With such an expensive 4piece metal gasket as per the gti6 one I religiously followed both torque and angle settings bang on.

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A head gasket should always be tightened down as recommended by the car manufacturer imo & tbh should never be different whatever make of gasket you use.


Haynes states different torque settings than those above;

Big end bearing caps nuts;

  • stage 1 ; 20nm 15lbft
  • stage 2; angle tighten a further 70'

Cylinder head bolts;

  • stage 1; 35Nm 26lbft
  • stage 2; 70Nm 52lbft
  • stage 3 angle tighten a further 160'

Main bearing caps bolts;

  • 70Nm 52lbft

Always start in the middle & spiral out.


I also don't think there is a sequence for the mains but I also did mine from centre spiraling out.


I've used the standard torque for the main & big ends on all my engines & have yet to replace a bolt for any reason, tbh the torque isn't high so I doubt they'll stretch or weaken through re-use.



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Thanks for that G. Cleared up a few things.



Some other torque settings:


Oil pump to block: 20Nm

Sump bolts: 20Nm

Sump drain bolt: 30Nm

Flywheel bolts: 50Nm


Clutch cover bolts: 20Nm

Cam pulley bolts: 75 Nm

Camshaft carriers: 10Nm

Crankshaft pulley: 130Nm


Inlet to head bolts: 20Nm

Exhaust to head bolts: 35Nm

Engine oil pressure switch: 35Nm


136t Cambelt tensioner: 21 Nm

136t Cambelt roller: about 40 Nm


Cambelt change FAQ



Borrowed from 306gti6.com.

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