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Opie Oils

Opie Oils


Sales & Advice: 01209 202944

Customer Services: 01209 202949

The UK's largest independent online retailer of Performance Oils and Fluids.

Over 70 high quality Automotive brands

We sell the most comprehensive range of quality and specialist oils for Cars and Bikes anywhere in Europe.

Opie Oils sell over 70 brands, not just oils and fluids, including Amsoil, ArmorAll, Astonish, Bilt Hamber, Castrol, Denso, Dodo Juice, Farecla, Fuchs, Gulf, Hamp, K&N, Kent Car Care, Laser, Mahle, Meguiars, Mer, Michelin, Millers Oils, Millers Oils Classic, Mitsubishi, Mobil, Motul, Muc-Off, NGK, Nissan, Oil Safe, Polco, Red Line Oils, Shell, Silkolene, Simoniz, Subaru, Trico, UFI, Valvoline and WD-40...


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We sell oils for all makes of cars and bikes, from the most extreme modern supercars and motorcycles to vintage, veteran and classic.

You'll find oils for all applications from mineral monogrades to super high tech racing synthetics.
We stock engine oils, gear oils, differential and axle oils, brake fluids, power steering fluid, coolant and workshop products. All in all, there's more than 400 car and bikeoils and fluids available to buy here!

Opie Oils is no longer just about oil

We have a massive range for all your vehicle servicing & maintenance needs: Performance Spark Plugs from Denso and NGK. Oil, Air, Cabin and Fuel Filters from UFI, Mahle and induction kits and filters from K&N, plus a great range of popular OEM filters from HAMP (Honda After Market Parts), Mitsubishi, Nissan and Subaru. If you need to get a filter off we also stock a comprehensive range of filter removal wrenches.
A hand picked range of Oil Drip Trays / Oil Catch Cans and funnels to save your garage or driveway from spills.
Cleaning and detailing products from ArmorAll, Bilt Hamber, Dodo Juice, Farecla, Fuchs, Kent Car Care, Meguiars, Mer, Michelin, Motul, Muc-Off and Simoniz which will have your vehicle shining in no time at all.
A great range of screen wash and winter products, Exact fit and beam style wiper blades from TRICO, make sure yours are up to the task as old tried blades can reduce visibility and a car can even fail an MOT for particularly bad blades or no screen wash.
High quality brake pads, shoes, Discs and brake drum repair kits from Brembo.
Trolley jacks and axle stands from Polco and Laser getting your vehicle up safely and keeping it secure while you work.
Petrol & diesels fuel additives to add octane, cetane or add lead.
A great selection of high quality rust prevention, rust treatment and paint prep sprays, dips, and chemicals from Bilt Hamber and Tectyl Vavoline.
General maintenance sprays and lubricants from household names such as WD-40.
Plus an extensive range of tools, fluids and products designed to make working on your vehicle a breeze.


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