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A Very Important Warning!

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bit by bit and the forum has turned into a very biased, unconstructive and blatant marketplace,

something which is *completely* in contrast with the philosophy of the forum which is about sharing

unbiased, constructive and hepful knowledge, experience and information. this has spread to as far

as most of the technical forums being cluttered with this sort of (rightfully called) crap!



i won't name anyone or anything but i'll remind everyone that trading is confined to For Sale and

Wanted forums and Group Buys & Discounts, which goes for any individual, trader and/or company

that's able to post on the forum.


all biased and opinionated implications and information will not be tolerated and will be sanctioned,

especially when it comes to posts that are deliberately slagging a company, product, service or

an individual in favour of another and/or continuous sly promoting a company, product, service

or an individual.


it's ok to post information about where to obtain a certain product or service, if the information is

given out in a way that it helps user make the right desicion, while quoting prices is only allowed

when that action is required to ensure user doesn't get ripped off or to get the best deal out of

several offerings of the same product.



further more, any "bitching", "slagging" and "handbags" at personal level between users based

simply on their preference of a company, product or service will also not be tolerated (companies

know this is very unprofessional hence why they're not engaged in such activites directly) while

all honest discussions backed up with facts and with the sole goal of clarifying something and/or

coming to the best solution of a problem etc are highly encouraged.


this also extends to publically involving the forum in resolving issues that are not directly related

to us. if you have an issue with any individual or company that we should be aware of or need

help with resolving it, please contact us in private and we'll give our best to sort it out.



and finally, i'll use this opporunity to remind everyone to refresh themselves with forum rules and

guidelines to keep the moderators at least a little bit less busy.



there are several very good and valid points behind this post and i don't want to discuss it in public.

if you have any suggestions, comments or questons, do not hesitate to contact us via PM.






205GTIDrivers.com Admin and Moderators Team

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