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Misc/General Technical

Alloy polishing guide

Aug 16 2013 02:49 PM | 1 FAT PUG in Misc/General Technical

I found a rocker cover that pug_ham had spare which was sent to me and was asked if i could do a little how to guide on polishing alloy. Upon opening the parcel i was greeted by this nice little 8v rocker cover, looking a little sorry for itself ...

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Heel and Toeing Downshift Technique

Aug 17 2005 06:23 PM | taylorspug in Misc/General Technical

The basic idea of heel and toeing is to match the engine revs with the wheel speed whilst downchanging and braking, so effectively your right foot has to do 2 things at once. You know when you change down through the gears and you let the clutch out, t...

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Sprinting and Hill Climbing

Mar 22 2002 12:48 AM | red in Misc/General Technical

Note:   This article might be slightly out of date. Still, general principles and advice still applies.         Introduction: My aim with this article will hopefully be to get one or two members of the 205GTIDrivers...

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Basics of Photoshopping

Mar 22 2002 12:43 AM | Bonzai in Misc/General Technical

Introduction: This guide is meant to lead you into the world of "Photoshopping" - using Photoshop to manipulate pics of cars. First you need to grasp the most basic function of Photoshop. Almost all actions require the selection of a part of a picture...

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