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Gearbox & Drivetrain

LSD: Plate diff or ATB?

Apr 15 2013 08:22 AM | brumster in Gearbox & Drivetrain

Brumster explains the differences in the main types of limited slip differentials available for the BE Gearbox, based on his competitive experience.

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Clutch Change Guide

Mar 22 2002 12:06 PM | Jonmurgie in Gearbox & Drivetrain

Disclaimer: The procedures on this page are presented as guidelines ONLY. They reflect particular jobs that were done by myself and were written down from memory as a guide to others who might need to do the same procedure. I make no representations a...

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Gearbox Swapping Guide

Mar 22 2002 11:58 AM | Jonmurgie in Gearbox & Drivetrain

Introduction: To me, removing the gearbox and refitting it with the engine in the car sounded impossible and very tricky, but as it turns out its not that bad! Very useful if you need to swap a gearbox or just fit a new clutch. This is something possi...

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Quaife ATB LSD Installation

Mar 22 2002 11:54 AM | Old Website in Gearbox & Drivetrain

If you are going to attempt this: This guide is written on the assumption that you will be working on a gearbox that has already been removed from the car. I believe it is possible to fit the Quaife ATB differential without first removing the gearbox...

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Fitting a Quick Shift Kit

Mar 22 2002 11:46 AM | hd_andy in Gearbox & Drivetrain

Introduction: A quickshift is designed to shorten the throw of the gear change for the Peugeot 205.   contents of full kit   This article describes the fitting of option 2) to a 205 GTI 1.6. The package contains the modified L shaped sele...

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