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Engine Related

Guide To Repairing Xu Alloy Block Head Bolt Thr...

Oct 29 2014 01:36 AM | SweetBadger in Engine Related

Following on from this thread here: http://forum.205gtid...topic=160315= I thought Id put a guide together for anyone who might need to helicoil an XU alloy block head bolt thread with the engine in situ. Threads pulling out of these older alloy bloc...

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What is the tachymetric relay?

Oct 03 2013 10:36 PM | DamirGTI in Engine Related

What's an Tachymetric relay and where can i find it ?  by DamirGTI              It’s an relay for fueling system control commonly used on early Bosch L/LE/LU/LH - Jetronic analogue engine management sys...

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What Is The Ignition Amplifier ?

Sep 20 2010 07:40 PM | DamirGTI in Engine Related

All you ever need to know about the ignition amplifier.

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Sludge / Mayo In Oil Filler Cap

Sep 13 2010 08:35 PM | Henry Yorke in Engine Related

White sludge in your oil filler cap and worried about head gasket problems?  Read further as it may not be as bad as you think!

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205 GTI Injection Basics

Mar 21 2002 11:27 PM | Old Website in Engine Related

Introduction: Here are a few things about the injection systems I have gathered from various sources, including Haynes and other books, internet pages (including ones referring to Citroen BXs), own experience, and of course the 205 GTI drivers forum....

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Supplementary Air Device (SAD)

Mar 21 2002 11:23 PM | Old Website in Engine Related

Introduction: First, a little background: - Air intake duct is at #1 - Air filter is inside housing between arrows at #2 - Air Flow Meter (AFM) is between arrows at #3 - Throttle body is between arrows at #4 - Intake manifold is between arrows at #5...

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Charge Cooler - A Cheaper Way

Mar 21 2002 11:21 PM | Old Website in Engine Related

Introduction: After weeks of trying to think of a way to fit a good sized intercooler in a 205 I came to the conclusion that there just is not enough space, any good sized front mount will need loads of induction piping (extra lag) and modifications t...

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