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Body, Interior and ICE

205 Wiring Headunit / Stereo Data.

Sep 06 2015 02:35 PM | welshpug in Body, Interior and ICE

How to match a 205 radio loom to an ISO connector or repair a butchered loom to the original red plug

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If Your Blower Only Works On Full...

May 11 2014 06:59 PM | Ryan in Body, Interior and ICE

The blower only working on full speed is a common fault with the 205 heater. The speed controller uses a big transistor to drop the voltage going to the fan, with a relay to bypass the transistor at full speed. If the transistor burns out then you'll lose the low speeds but still have full speed as the power is going through the bypass relay rather than the transistor.

New speed controllers are about £50, but you can fix it by replacing the transistor...

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My passenger electric window either goes up slo...

Apr 29 2013 07:28 PM | Simes in Body, Interior and ICE

My passenger electric window either goes up slowly or not at all, why is this? Have you ever gone to open your passenger window from the drivers side and find it travels very slowly; sometimes embarrassingly stops halfway. Before you attack t...

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Heater Fan Overhaul

Jan 29 2013 01:28 PM | AndyCrom in Body, Interior and ICE

Rid yourself of the noisy, slow heater fan by rebuilding your old one & improving it's performance.

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405 One Touch Electric Window Fitting Guide

Dec 30 2012 10:31 PM | Anthony in Body, Interior and ICE

A quick "how do" guide for fitting the drivers side one-touch electric window setup from a later Phase 2 Peugeot 405 into a Peugeot 205, giving you the ability to make the window go up and down automatically with the touch of a button as found in most modern cars.

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Delocking a Tailgate (Flush Boot)

Apr 24 2003 05:59 PM | Old Website in Body, Interior and ICE

Recipe:With a knife, slide behind the Peugeot, 205 and Model badges on the boot. This is just a sticky foam padding and you can get the badges off easily. Don't pull them as they have a tendancy to snap as the plastic is brittle.This will reveal the sl...

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Fitting Bonnet Pins

Mar 22 2002 11:42 AM | Jonmurgie in Body, Interior and ICE

Disclaimer: The procedures on this page are presented as guidelines ONLY. They reflect particular jobs that were done by myself and were written down from memory as a guide to others who might need to do the same procedure. I make no representations a...

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